N.S.11 at Eastchurch

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

N.S.11 at Eastchurch

From Spike Johnson of the Kent History Forum comes this photographs of N.S.11, possibly taken by his grandfather at RAF Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppy, Kent, where he was an RAF Warrant Officer Gunnery Instructor (having started out in the Royal Flying Corps during WWI). On a journey that started from Longside on 16 March 1919, N.S.11 landed at Eastchurch on 18 March 1919, after a flight of 40 hours, 30 minutes. The flight was intended to be a complete circuit of the North Sea but the ship developed trouble with the starboard engine and the attempt had to be terminated.

More information and images of this incident can be found here.

We thank Spike Johnson for his generosity in allowing us to publish his photograph.