The following books have been of invaluable help in the research of RNAS airships and the creation of this website.

The British Airship at War, 1914-1918
Patrick Abbott
ISBN 0-86138-073-8

Airships in Peace & War
J. A. Sinclair
Rich & Cowan, 1934

British Airships of the First World War
Ces Mowthorpe
ISBN 0-7509-1518-8

British Airships 1905-30
Ian Castle
ISBN 978-1-84603-387-2

British Airships in Pictures
An illustrated history 1784-1998
Patrick Abbott and Nick Walmsley
ISBN 1-899863-48-6

Airship Design, Development and Disaster
John Swinfield
ISBN 1-899863-48-6

Pulham Pigs
Gordon Kinsey
ISBN 0-86138-050-9

Airship Pilot No.28
Captain T. B. Williams AFC
ISBN 0-7183-0153-6

My Airship Flights – 1915-1930
Captain George Meager AFC
ISBN 0-7183-0331 8

Man of Invention – John Sylvester ‘Jack’ Wheelwright DSC
Steve J. Plummer
ISBN 978-1-4457-0358-9

Airship Navigator
E A Johnson OBE FRAeS
ISBN 1-874180-01-6

Airship Saga
Lord Ventry & Eugene M. Kolesnik
ISBN 0-7137-1001-2

The Story of R.34 and the first East-West Crossing of the Atlantic by Air
Patrick Abbott
SBN 239-00134-6

Flight of the Titan
The Story of the R34
George Rosie
ISBN 978-1-84158-863-6

Sky Sailors
The Story of the World’s Airshipmen
Ces Mowthorpe
ISBN 0-7509-2218-4

War in the Air
G. R. Duval
ISBN 0-85153-266-7

E. M. Maitland
Hodder & Stoughton

Naval Air Service Training Manual

The Great Delusion
A Study of Aircraft in Peace and War
Ernest Benn Limited, 1927