New images of N.S.11 come to light

Posted on May 29, 2013

New images of N.S.11 come to light

Recently found in Flickr Commons are eleven photographs that record a significant event in the history of the British airship N.S.11. The photographs are part of the Adolphe Henri DuBois Special Photo Collection of the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

With help from Brian Turpin we may well have identified the incident. In all probability the photographs were taken at RAF Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppy, Kent – although not an airship station it was still a fully-active airfield. On a journey that started from Longside on 16 March 1919, N.S.11 landed at Eastchurch on 18 March 1919 after a flight of 40 hours, 30 minutes. The flight was intended to be a complete circuit of the North Sea but the ship developed trouble with the starboard engine and the attempt had to be terminated. As you will see from the photographs only the port blower pipe is lowered to provide air pressure in the ballonets – the starboard pipe is in the raised position.

The officers and crew of N.S.11 on the day were:

Capt W.K.F. G Warneford – Commander (her only Commander, he was killed when N.S.11 was lost on 15 July 1919)
Capt A. J. H MacColl – 2nd Officer (had been flying with N.S.11 since 19 November 1919)
Lt McConchie – 3rd Officer
Sgt Stratton – Coxwain
Cpl Stevens – Coxwain (with N.S.11 since 11 October 1918)
Sgt Wrenn – Engineer (he had been flying with N.S.11 from at least 11 October 1918)
Sgt Sansom – Engineer (with N.S.11 since 9 January 1919)
Cpl Williams – WT Operator (he had been flying with N.S.11 from at least 11 October 1918)
AC T. Connolly – WT Operator (later died when N.S.11 was lost on 15 July 1919)
AC B. M. Hall – Unspecified crew member

Unfortunately, as we can’t stretch to the annual usage fees we are unable to show the photographs on this site. The San Diego Air & Space Museum, however, has kindly allowed us to create a link. Click here to go to the collection on Flickr Commons.

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